Would you like your wedding that you’ve planned for months to surpass the expected level? Then here are some cool tips for you!

While you’re planning the details with meticulous care, don’t forget to establish the atmosphere, unique dishes and drinks. If you have a chance to make your wedding a lifetime experience with the ideas of creative people, dare to be a little brave!

One of these options in the field of delicacies is the easily consumable Chimney cake provided by Street Cakes. You’re probably wondering how a wedding and Chimney cake fit in one sentence. Well, Street Cakes produces heavenly Chimney cakes made of premium ingredients, with almost twenty different toppings. Among others there’s oreo, ice-cream, home-made whipped cream, marshmallow, fruit or milkyway flavoured, which is offered fresh of course in an aesthetically pleasing package. In addition Street Cakes thinks about the people with lactose intolerance, so they make lactose-free versions of your favourite cakes. Now you can imagine how many colours and fantastic flavours this specialty can bring into your wedding.

[cml_media_alt id='755']Vattacukorka[/cml_media_alt]

Vattacukorka can perfectly establish the real event atmosphere as well. With their showy, unique booth – in which the decoration can be variable – they go to your wedding where their nice and polite staff will offer special flavoured cotton candies to your guests. The quality is also unquestionable in their case, so if you like this type of sweets, then it can make the flavours and the look of your wedding spectacular. And the kids will love it.

[cml_media_alt id='756']Popcorn Bár[/cml_media_alt]

If you wouldn’t really like to strengthen the line of sweets, how would you like a special popcorn bar that fits to the style and colour scheme of your dream day? Because there is such a thing. PopCorn Bar favours the lovers of salty flavours with its cosy booth and delicious, spicy popcorn. They offer their high-standard products in decorative wrapping, so they make an ideal fit to a special wedding atmosphere.

If you’re bored of the usual desserts, and you’d really like to see something beautiful on the tables on your big day, then it’s recommended to select from Marangona’s dessert tables and wedding cakes. As dessert table specialists they not only think about cakes and flavours, but they make the whole appearance and design for the style of your wedding. Along with their unique, wonderful and tasty thank you gifts, the elements of their dessert tables are gorgeous. Their aim is to make the dessert table the ornament of the event, with which they can conjure the big day unforgettable.


[cml_media_alt id='757']Lime Bar[/cml_media_alt]In case you’ve planned a summer wedding, you should think about getting some cool drinks. Lime Bar can give a perfect solution for this, as they can offer the hot, tired guests cocktails made from fresh fruits from their movable lemonade booth. It can be a creative and practical element of your wedding.


[cml_media_alt id='765']The Strawberry Project Budapest[/cml_media_alt]Everybody likes strawberries, especially if they are coated with milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate and maybe sprinkled with some coconut flakes. The Strawberry Project Budapest prepares delicate, unique looking sweets from strawberries, which can be eaten easily, therefore they are ideal for weddings too. It’s guaranteed that everyone of your guests will love this premium specialty.

After all of these, you just need to decide what to choose from these many great options.