Green wedding

If you have already met this term, you imagine an extremely austere, low-key wedding with locally produced menu and decoration in the spirit of recycling. However, the difference between green weddings and traditional weddings is the philosophy which is a very carefully planned environmentally conscious conception.

During the organization we pay attention to the smallest details, so along with environment protection, the joyful event can be favourable for different associations and foundations. Therefore it is not only an extremely important day, but also an excellent opportunity to make the world nicer a little bit.

For example we can make most of the decorations with the help of associations and foundations that can turn the amount of money they have gotten for their work to some more noble, more important cause. These decorative items won’t be just a unique and handmade part of the big day, but their atmosphere will represent a much cleaner and brighter conception. Of course they can be items made of recycled materials, which will only raise their value.

Green wedding

Green wedding

green wedding5

At first maybe we wouldn’t think of the huge amounts of garbage laid up by the guests after the wedding. Even if we consider just the basic things, like the empty soda cans, the glasses of empty alcoholic drinks and the lot of leftovers, there’s already a considerable garbage. However, with green wedding and with a little bit of creativity we can minimize the pollution involved. The water does not compulsorily need to be bottled mineral water – if possible – it can be local spring water or filtered tap water we could place in aesthetic carafes on the tables. We could serve homemade syrups or freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juices and lemonades to our guests instead of well-known brands of sweetened drinks. In addition the not consumable leftovers could be very useful for animal shelters. So the several bags of garbage can be minimalized well with a little effort.

green wedding2

An another important factor of green weddings is that the menu contains vegetables and fruits that are currently in season. This minor matter has several positive outcomes: on the one hand the meals and drinks are more tastier and their quality is higher, on the other hand we can purchase the fresh ingredients from domestic producers instead of multinational companies benefiting from everything. The festive meal is characterized by variously used heavenly fruits and vegetables along with meat and fish delicacy purchased from local farmers.

green wedding6Considering the location, it’s important that the ceremony and the nuptial are held at one place, or at least the locations are approachable by foot. Because travelling by car does not only waste money but it also pollutes the environment. Furthermore most green weddings take place outdoors as on one hand electricity can be reducible until twilight and on the other hand the mesmerizing landscape can give a great atmosphere.

Finally, maybe it’s surprising but after all it’s possible that the wedding dress can be completely newly made for a green wedding. Try to look for domestic designers, then during the dress making process try to design the dress in a way that after your big day you could wear it every day with minimal changes. This is essentially a compromise- willing solution as the beautiful wedding dress will fit to your own idea and style, moreover later it won’t be a useless piece of clothing sinking deeper and deeper in the closet year after year.

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